Grand Theft Auto III - Android game review

Rockstar Games released the revolutionary Grand Theft Auto III in 2001, and they’re back again to blow minds with a 10 year anniversary mobile edition of the same game. If you’ve ever played GTA (and I know you have), then you already know how incredibly addictive the game is and how easy it is to play for hours on end without even thinking of stopping. The mobile edition is just the same  as PC version. you will enjoy playing this revolutionary game in your smartphones.

You start on Liberty City, where Claude Speed had planned a bank robbery, but he got shot by his girlfriend Catalina who betrayed him leaving with the money and Miguel. So, Claude got caught by the police but manages to escape with “8 Ball”, an expert of explosives. Thanks to him, he found some jobs to accomplish for the mafia. The first mission is to return to the home and change clothes. Then you can start doing jobs for various people and earn money.
I thought it would be difficult to play on a touch screen for a game like this, but Rockstar did a great work with the touch controls, in fact I found it to be very easy to play. The game is very smooth and effects on the cars are very good, but I miss something like car lights (for some reason, there are no car lights) and shadows on everything. Also, sometimes it crashes and sometimes menu buttons doesn’t work properly.
The cars are very nicely done, you will see some kind of lightambient reflection on them and driving is a blast: the physics isn’t very realistic, but it’s still much better than any other game of this kind. When a car flips, you got to escape because it will eventually explode; I even completed a mission where I should have killed some people, but I got the luck from my side and a car exploded near them, killing them. Every car has its own engine sound, which is very good.The city is very populated by pedestrians and cars: it feels alive and you’ll never feel alone, everyone reacts and talk (or scream) if you do something (especially if it’s a bad action, you’ll hear everyone screaming and see them running). Everything is detailed enough to let your eyes shine while you remember the old times with the Grand Theft Auto series.

Grand Theft Auto III - Android game review

There are voice dialogues in english in the game for every mission, but subtitles in many languages are available through the options.The characters are very good, although the textures aren’t detailed as the PS2 version of the game. Animations are smooth and, as I said before, people talk and react to everything happens around them, that’s also why the city feels alive. There are the same weapons as any other Grand Theft Auto, and those are one of the funniest part of the game: creating chaos in the city with the police chasing you, and with the many weapons you have, has no price.
There is no doubt that Rockstar Games did a great job on everything, and I hope they will continue to actively support their games and customers, adding more devices to the compatibility list which can only lead to a sharp increase of earnings for them.Everything in the city is interactive: every light pole, mailbox, traffic light and things like those. You can drive everywhere and kill everyone, but if you kill too much, the police will chase you with cars, helicopters, swat vans, fbi cars and even tanks.

If you’re looking for a game with an incredibly enthralling storyline, or just looking to kill some time, then GTA III: 10 Year Anniversary could be your new best friend. The gameplay is as addictive and stunning as the original with the added benefit of fitting right in your pocket.
My only complaint is that I began to get cramps in my hands after playing for a while. Then again, mobile games generally aren’t that great for marathon gaming. I suppose that’s a good thing, though, else I would probably still be playing now. In addition, I imagine that this game would be much better to play on a tablet due to more screen space. I know it’s a mobile version, but looking at a tiny phone screen for long periods of time is not that great.
Hit the link below to check it out for yourself. It’ll cost you $4.99, but it’s well worth the money in my opinion.


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