There are thousands of website uploaded everyday on internet, but only few stand out and beat the competition. So get ready to cook a awesome website that will make you a proud owner. So Let’s Start.

  1. First start with a bowl of “Great layout” with relevant information.
  2. Take another bowl of “Responsive Design”.
  3. Add both of them into a good amount of “Amazing Content”.
  4. Add a spoon of “Simplistic and User Friendly Experience”.
  5. Then add a Pinch of “Speed” to it.
  6. Carefully add some Spicy “Domain NameURL” to it.
  7. Also Chop some “Social Media” and add to it for some extra flavor.
  8. Now Mix Them and put it into a mold of “Great Site Architecture”.
  9. And finally bake it with some “Call to Action” heat.

And Now here is your Awesome and Hot Website ready to be served.

How To build an awesome website


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